Diagnosed with ESRD - End Stage Renal Disease in 2010 with 28% kidney function left. In January 2013, it dropped to 5%. Started twice a week Hemodialysis in February. My beautiful and courageous wife, Ninette, came forward willingly to be my donor and we started with the work-up in March. We finally finished everything and got approval 08 July 2013. We had the procedure the 25th of the same month.

Our journey continues...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day 62 - 2nd Month Post-Transplant Update

Image courtesy of medscape.com

Today is the second month of my new life, having received a kidney from Ninette, my wife, last July 25. What do young people call this occasion? A monthsary?

I went to see my nephrologist yesterday as a follow up on the oral steroid pulsing he started me on 4 days ago.(See previous post) I had a Renal Allograft Doppler Ultrasound done plus blood tests: Creatinine and BUN. Both the neph and I are happy since the results indicate that I am responding very well to the oral steroid pulsing. 

The Doppler Ultrasound did not show any adverse abnormalities and my blood numbers have improved a lot. My Creatinine level went down to 1.9 ml/dL, my best number so far after the transplant 2 months ago. And there's no need for me to be admitted for steroid pulsing via IV.

I'll stay with the current Prednisone level of 60mg per day to check this mild rejection episode and will see the neph again after a week. Then, hopefully, I can again be weaned from steroids. Among the common side effects of high-dose Prednisone are: mood swings, irritability, thrush, increased risk of infection, joint discomfort, high blood sugar, "moonface", acne, high blood pressure, increased appetite, weight gain and fluid retention. So the sooner the dosage is decreased, the better.